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Albania Accommodation | Guest Houses in Albania

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A wonderful range of Guest Houses, specially selected by Derek Crane Travel for 2011.

There are 40 Guest Houses within a scheme developed through the Republic of Albania National Tourism Agency.

Guest Houses are located within the rural hillside region of Albania, including Thethi, Valbona and Fusche-Arrez regions.

guest house 2

* Albanian Guest Houses
are small, traditional structures scattered throughout the country.

Their origins date back to the olden days, when they served as accommodations for travellers and their caravans.

Before disappearing after the first part of the 20th Century they continued to offer both food and lodging for albanian and foreign travellers.

guest house 3

Popular figures such as Lord Byron; the english researcher, Edith Durham; the french consul, Pukevil, Professor Karl Patch and the english historian Hammond, have described these albanian guest houses in their writings, extolling their authenticity and hospitable atmosphere.

To those tourists in search of originality, The Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport offer the "40 Guest Houses" Project.

The Project is restoring these historical structures to their original purpose and revitalising the ancient albanian inn culture.


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